My Oregon

Oregon has a diversity of vistas and people.  From Astoria to Rome and Jordan Valley, from Arago to Imnaha and Hat Point and all places in between; from metropolitan areas like Portland, Eugene, and Salem to unincorporated towns like Brothers, Eddyville, and Wagon Tire, but they are all Oregonians.  All love the place where they reside, and want the best for it, but there is a vast difference in their needs to live where they do. There is a variety of livelihoods and each has its own special place in society.  Need I name techies, farmers, lawyers, doctors, trappers, educators and hunting guides?  No one politician or body politics can know as much about those needs as do the people who do those jobs. Though it is necessary to have laws to keep a certain amount of order in society,  those who lead us need to take a hard look at the laws on the books, the bureaus and bureaucrats that administer them and remove some of the burden from the backs of the people who just want to live in freedom and make a living.